About Us

About Us

Our story behind Bitss hasn’t just been a struggle to come up with a great solution; it has also become a long-lasting journey. Changes in the web, changes in the way people used domains, and changes in the way people shared links were closely observed, and it was the arrival of the 21st century where such changes became prominent. A simple, yet innovative concept emerged—the concept of short links.

The old way to market long, lengthy links was promptly replaced by short links. The marketing industry quickly and easily responded to these new changes in internet marketing. However, there was a gap which was still not addressed by the market.

In the process of spectating these changes, we endeavored to brainstorm potential solutions to transform the way people shared links. Our vision was to create a platform that enabled people to share links that are easy to remember, while at the same time also represent the brand identity.

Timing played a crucial role in the launching Bitss from dream into reality, and eventually the time came for us to introduce our tool to the market as our planet undergo digital transformation. The time arose for us to help people move to a new era of web links.

At its core, Bitss is driven to deliver a solution that helps retailers connect their digital presence with their physical stores. The concept of digital twins has been glued inside the development of Bitss to help physical store connect their physical shops with virtual reality. In simpler words, we have developed a highway for physical shops to connect their customers directly to their online deals.

Our scope isn’t just limited to the retail industry, but it can also work for any website owner possible on the entire web. We want to usher in a new way people use short links. We want to incorporate the new idea of short, brand-identifiable links that people will understand and memorize.

The journey behind the development of Bitss has been nothing short of extraordinary. We have worked and developed the platform in collaboration with talents ranging from all over the world including the United States, The Philippines, Pakistan, Armenia, India, Romania, Bangladesh, Argentina, Colombia, Ireland, Taiwan, Canada, Egypt, Mexico, China and South Korea.