Shortened URL, decrypted

Say hello to branded human-readable links.

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Digital Twin

Create your human-readable branded links and use the same link to advertise your promotion on social media as well as a QR code on printed cards. By simply using the promotion deals' links with their smartphones on the go, customers can access any physical store's online sales too.

Make Your Brand

A branded domain is the first part of a branded link that companies buy to customize and share their links. Getting a branded domain can help you increase brand awareness and engagement. We are not just another URL shortening service but a whole marketing platform that will help your brand stand out.

The solution to
Malicious/Spammy Links

Attractiveness is not the only favorable trait that comes with branded links. They also make your tiny URLs look more "trustworthy" for your business. It will reinforce your overall branding and provide cohesiveness throughout your platform.